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Searching for that perfect heavy-duty operator chair can be a daunting task. There is an abundance of “cookie-cutter” office chairs on the market with the intent to fit all people no matter their height or weight. Unfortunately, that type of chair does not exist.  There is, however, one chair that does come close to fitting the vast majority of its users.  The 3150HR chair manufactured by Concept Seating was created to fit those that are 5’ 2” to 6’ 5. For users, less than 5’2” or over 6′ 5″ this chair may not be a good fit.

I have been fortunate enough to sit in the Concept Seating 3150HR chair for the past year and it is hands down the best ergonomic chair I have ever sat in. Customers I have worked with are very pleased with this chair once they get it into their office or control rooms.  From its generous weight rating of 550 lbs. to the extremely durable fabric, the chair is upholstered in, the 3150HR chair will be strong enough to stand up to the demands of a dispatch center or in any general office setting.

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Concept Seating 3150HR Chair Review

One of the most important factors when picking a chair is the overall fit. You need to pick a chair with the correct seat height and seat width for the individual user. This is even more imperative for settings with multiple users like dispatch centers and power plants.

The 3150HR chair comes with a seat height range of 16”-21” which is specifically designed to fit most people from 5’ 2” to 6’ 5”. Unfortunately, this chair cannot accommodate everyone, so it may be too tall for those under 5’ 2”.  This very important detail will determine whether or not the user’s feet will be touching the ground.  If the chair’s seat height is too tall and your feet cannot touch the ground, you will undoubtedly end up with bad ergonomic posture. Over time bad ergonomic posture can lead to pain in your limbs such as your legs and eventually that pain can move to other regions of the body.

The Concept Seating 3150HR chair offers multiple seat widths for different sized users. This chair comes standard with a 21” wide seat or you can choose the larger 23” wide seat for those that need the extra room. Even at these sizes, some individuals may find the seat too wide to use the adjustable arms properly. Just the opposite some individuals may find the chair too narrow and not enough room to sit in comfortably.

Tip: It is important to note that the design of the seat pad on the 3150HR makes it sit slightly narrower than the dimensions indicate. After measuring it is about 1” narrower than the actual seat width listed. This means the 21” seat would be closer to 20” and the 23” feels like 22”. We suggest that you take this into consideration when selecting from the two size options.

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Best-In Class Ergonomic Adjustments

Just because you are looking for a heavy-duty chair does not mean you have to miss out on important ergonomic adjustments. Many chairs in this 24-hour category will only allow you to recline and make simple height adjustments. That is not the case for the Concept Seating 3150HR chair. The 3150HR has almost every ergonomic function available. Let’s take a look:

Seat Depth Adjustment: Adjusting the seat depth allows you to alleviate pressure at the point of contact where the back of your legs touches the seat. This option also allows shorter/taller users to keep their feet flat on the floor while knees are bent at 90 degrees.

Synchro-Tilt Mechanism: Keeps your knees and legs in an ergonomically correct position. For every 2 degrees of back recline, the seat reclines 1 degree, maintaining ergonomic posture.

Inflatable Lumbar Support: Pump to increase or decrease the preferred back support.

Multi-Position Lock: Recline and lock the back in 5 different positions.

Adjustable Arms: Allows user to stay in a natural ergonomic typing position

Loop Arms: Height and width adjustable.

Swing T Arms: Height and width adjustable. They can also pivot out of the way.

Adjustable Back Height: Raise or lower backrest to fully support the users back.

Articulating Head Rest: Used for head/neck support or move it out of the way.

Best Doesn’t Mean Perfect

All of the standard ergonomic adjustments along with the 550 lb. weight rating makes this chair one of the most versatile on the market. However, that does not suggest that this is a flawless chair. A few of the individuals I have worked with inside dispatch centers, power plants and home offices tell me that the loop arms can make a small rattling noise when in use. For some, this may be an annoyance when working in a quiet office, but for me, the loop arm rattle has not been a noticeable problem.

A second issue I have noticed is that the bulb used to inflate the lumbar support system can break down over years of use. The problem occurs after the lumbar is filled with air when you lean back the air will release back out through the bulb. On a few occasions, this has happened Concept Seating sent out a replacement. This is something that can easily be fixed in the field and only requires a few seconds to replace.

Dymetrol Suspension

One very unique feature on all Concept Seating Chairs is the build of the seat cushion. Well, I can’t really call it a cushion, it is more like a special mesh called “Dymetrol”. The Dymetrol mesh (located under the upholstery) allows you to “float” instead of sitting directly on a seat cushion.  Dymetrol will not lose form like a seat cushion which will extend the life of the chair seat.

Why is this Dymetrol seat important? Standard chairs with traditional seat cushions or springs will create pressure points where your butt touches the seat. Since these pressure points are not evenly distributed, seat cushions can restrict blood flow. Dymetrol will eliminate most pressure points, improve blood flow and increase oxygen levels. At first, I was skeptical about this mesh, but after sitting in it I can tell there is a big difference between Dymetrol and a standard cushion.

Components That Are Built To Last

Concept Seating offers some of the most durable upholstery options on the market. Their fabric is soil and stain resistant which can help with spills if they are treated in a timely manner. Their statico fabric boasts a 1.9 million double rub count (abrasion testing) which is almost unheard of. Typical double rub counts on dispatch chairs will be anywhere from 50,000 up to 200,000. This is also why most companies will only cover their chair upholstery for 1-2 years, something concept seating will stand behind for 6 years.

Tip: This test is a back and forth motion on the fabric that approximates the wear and tear that happens when furniture is sat upon. 3,000 double rubs equal one year’s worth of use. If a fiber holds up to more than 15,000 double rubs it is classified as HD or heavy-duty.  It’s thicker than most fabrics and a good choice for high traffic.

Another unique feature about this chair is the 7 leg base with safety casters. This larger base is important for multiple reasons. Not only does this base create unmatched strength and stability, it will also help heavier users move the chair with 20% more ease.

The safety casters attached to the base also create a unique sit. They act as shock absorbers which will allow for smooth and quiet chair operation. Not only will these special casters make a quieter chair, they will also prolong the life of the chair. Instead of your chair frame taking the punishment from sitting, these casters will absorb the weight of the user. These casters were also designed to be closed off which will keep all of the dirt and hair out of the wheels. These wheels also have a built-in braking system which keeps the chair in place until the user sits down. Once the user sits down the brakes release and the chair rolls freely.

Heavy Duty Chair Deserves Heavy Duty Warranty          

Not all heavy-duty operator chairs are created equal. These types of chairs must stand up to some of the harshest conditions in the industry.  Chair warranties vary greatly and the length of that warranty will typically give you an idea of the quality/durability of the parts used. For instance, many chairs in this industry will only cover the upholstery and padding for 1-2 years. Concept Seating will stand behind their upholstery and padding for 6 years. In fact, the entire chair is covered for 6 years which is significantly longer than most chairs in this category.

3150HR 2022 Starting Price – $1,957.38 (Buy on BTOD)

Some customers might have the initial sticker shock when looking at pricing for the 3150HR chair. At a base price of  $1,957.38 is one of our most expensive dispatch chairs. While the saying may get old, what you pay for is definitely what you get. That is certainly the case with the 3150HR. Below are the different options and our price for each.

Upholstery Options

Fabric (Black, Burgundy, Navy, Slate and Real Red) Standard
Faux Leather/Vinyl + $130.76
Leather (Black, Burgundy or Navy) + $261.53

Arm Options

No Arms Standard
Loop Arms  No additional charge
Swing “T” Arms + $52.30

Seat Width Options

21” Wide Standard
23” Wide + $252.30

Partial Ring Footrest

No partial ring footrest Standard
Add partial ring footrest + $114.84

Final Thoughts

Everything about the 3150HR chair screams durability; Concept says it’s not built to be pretty. Their chair is built like a tank but has the comfort of a fully ergonomic chair, which can help workers be more efficient. The 3150HR chair parts are unique and durable which I feel puts it in a class of its own.  Take it from me, a person who has used this chair for over a year and is often helping large organizations find the best value for their already tight budget. If you are looking for a worry-free purchase that will fit almost everyone in your office, strongly consider looking at the 3150HR chair from concept seating.

For more questions about the Concept Seating line and other 24/7 chairs, please contact me at or call 866-733-0698 ext 103.

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