Top 7 Problems with VIVO DESK-V000B Desktop Converter

The VIVO DESK-V000B is one of the most popular standing desk converters available. The unit has a lot to offer. It ships fast, has a large work surface and is very stable at all heights. But, the main reason for its popularity is its low price tag. Many of the products that it is being compared to, like the Varidesk Pro Plus, FlexiSpot ClassicRiser and WorkFit-T, are all quite a bit more expensive than the VIVO converter. The low-price tag does come with considerable downsides though. This article aims to share the downsides of the DESK-V000B so that you know what you are sacrificing in order to save on your pocket book.

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Top 7 Problems with the VIVO DESK-V000B

  1. Takes Up a Lot of Space
  2. 37.5 lbs. Weight Limit
  3. Awkward Sitting Position
  4. Limited Adjustment Range
  5. Not Dual Ergonomic
  6. Difficult to Adjust at High Heights
  7. Small Keyboard Tray
  8. Final Thoughts

The DESK-V000B is a product that features a large base and large platforms. You must be willing to give up quite a bit of desk space in order to use the DESK-V000B. Something to be aware of is that you will not gain the same space from the DESK-V000B that you will be forced to give up. The unit is heavy and has non-slip rubber stoppers on the bottom of the base. You will not be able to slide it out of the way or easily move it on and off your desk. This is the type of product that is meant to be placed in one spot and left there. The final thing to consider is the way that the VIVO DESK-V000B affects the space around you. Since the adjustment pattern moves the platforms out as they are raised, you will need more space behind you when standing. This can be a problem for people with limited space.

Footprint of VIVO V000B

If one of your main concerns is maximizing your usable task space, then you may want to look into some alternative products. There are a few options with similar designs and functionality to the DESK-V000B that give you the same amount of space that you give up on your desk. I would recommend looking at the FlexiSpot ClassicRiser. The FlexiSpot M2 not only has a ton of task space but it also has a straight up and down movement pattern so you do not need extra space behind you to adjust the height of the product.

One problem that plagues almost all standing desk converters is their limited weight capacities. The VIVO Desk Riser is no exception. The weight limit is under 40 pounds. Most 24” monitors are around 15 lbs. with their stand. That means that you will be close to the weight limit if you are using dual monitors. You may be able to add a couple smaller objects but you will need to pick and choose what is most important to you. If you want to load the task space with objects then you may need to have a single monitor set-up to stay under the weight limit. Another factor to think about is whether or not you can use a monitor arm with your monitors. Depending on their weight, you may be exceeding the weight limit.


If you plan on using a dual monitor set-up, then I would recommend low-profile, lightweight monitors. This will allow you to place more objects on the platform or even  use a dual monitor arm. Another thing to consider is an electric product. There are now several electric desktop converters with lifting capacities around 80 lbs. Some people may need an even higher lifting capacity. For those people, I would recommend a full electric standing desk.

One of the most disappointing things for me during my time with the VIVO standing desk converter was the uncomfortable sitting position. The first problem is that the keyboard tray raises your normal keyboard height over an inch. This can cause issues for people trying to achieve an ergonomic typing height because the increased height can cause an upward typing angle.

The second problem is that the keyboard tray sits about 3” from the front of your desk. This forces you to reach forward to the tray. The combination of the increased keyboard height and forced reaching made for an unpleasant experience while seated.

Sitting Ergonomics at VIVO V000B
Sitting Ergonomics at VIVO V000B

My first recommendation to help combat the awkward sitting position is to use a footrest. A footrest will allow you to use your chair at its maximum height, while keeping your legs at the proper ergonomic angle. This may get you high enough to use the keyboard tray at your correct height. People looking for a similar product, that does not have these issues with the sitting position, may want to consider something like the FlexiSpot CompactRiser.

The VIVO Converter has a very limited adjustment range. It only has 10” of adjustment and you are limited to eight pre-determined heights within that range. I have seen this on other low priced standing desk converters like the Halter ED-258, Rocelco ADR and AirRise Pro, so this seems to be a very common tradeoff for a low price point. People over 5’9” will be too tall to use the DESK-V000B at the correct ergonomic typing height. People under 5’9” may also have problems because of the limited height options. You may have to use the DESK-V000B higher or lower than your preferred height.

Standing At VIVO V000B
Standing At VIVO V000B

If you want a similar product, but with a larger adjustment range, then you will need to go with a little bit better quality product. Products from Varidesk, FlexiSpot and Ergotron will work for people up to around 6’1″ with Varidesk offering a specific version for tall people up to 6’7″. If you are over 6’1″, then I would recommend checking out our picks for the best converters for tall people.

The DESK-V000B has a monitor platform and separate keyboard tray. The platforms remain at a fixed height from each other through all stages of adjustment so it is not dual ergonomic. Dual ergonomics is important to ensure that you will be able to have your monitor and keyboard at the correct viewing heights at the same time. Not being able to adjust the height of your monitors on their own will cause some people to have a downward viewing angle when standing. Another problem is the sitting position. The back of the monitor platform sits about 7” off your desk, which is the highest I have seen on a standing desk converter so far. This puts your monitors in a position that makes you look up at them.-n  


The easiest way to make the DESK-V000B dual ergonomic is to add a monitor arm to the back of the monitor platform. You can use a clamp or grommet mounted monitor arm. There are also a lot of great products that come with dual ergonomics built into the unit. Products like the Quickstand and WorkFit-S both come with dual ergonomics and large adjustment ranges.

The gas lifts on the DESK-V000B are strong. This really helps with making the upward adjustments easy. The trade off is that the downward adjustments, from taller heights, are more difficult. Adjusting the unit from the tallest height down required me to completely change my stance and put a substantial amount of effort into getting the platforms moving. Once they are about 1/3 of the way down, they are very easy to move. This will affect people that are about 5’7” and taller.

Pushing VIVO Down From Tall Height
Pushing VIVO Down From Tall Height

The difficult adjustment could pose a problem for people with injuries, disabilities or low strength. If you fall into any of these categories, then you may want to avoid the DESK-V000B. Most of the well-known brands will be easier to adjust than the DESK-V000B. Products like the WorkFit-T are similar to the DESK-V000B but are much easier to adjust and also move straight up and down.

The keyboard tray on the DESK-V000B is among the smallest I have seen on a standing desk converter. It was too small to use my ergonomic keyboard and barely big enough to use a standard sized keyboard. The mouse area was still limited though, even with the standard keyboard.

VIVO V000B Keyboard Space
VIVO V000B Keyboard Space

This product will be best suited for compact keyboards and smaller mousing patterns. There are a lot of options if you want a similar product but with a larger keyboard tray. The Varidesk and FlexiSpot M2 are two products that were discussed earlier and I will mention them here again because they both offer very large keyboard trays that will allow for almost any style of keyboard and mouse set-up.

While the $199.99 price point on the VIVO standing desk converter can be enticing, it is important to be able to see what you may be missing out on. All of the low priced standing desk converters that I’ve tested have had numerous downsides and the DESK-V000B is no different. The VIVO converter does have some good things going for it but there is a reason it is only $199.99. Whether or not the price savings outweighs the downsides is going to be different for every customer. I hope that this article has provided you with enough information to decide whether or not the VIVO standing desk converter will be a good choice for you. (Buy VIVO DESK-V000B on Amazon)

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