VARIDESK Reviews, Pricing and Costs For All Models We’ve Tested

With the exception of the Varidesk accessories, their products will typically be priced about 30%-50% higher than comparative competing models. This extra cost does come with some benefits though. There is value in purchasing from a large, reputable company. Varidesk has a history of customer satisfaction and they have some of the best policies in the industry.

One of the most attractive things about Varidesk products is that they almost all come fully assembled out of the box. Varidesk is the first standing desk company to really focus on making it easy on the customer to get the product ready for use. The few products that do require assembly are very simple to put together. As an example, the PRODESK® 60 Electric desk is the easiest electric desk to assemble, that we have tested. While most full electric desks take 30-90 minutes to assemble, the PRODESK® 60 Electric can be installed in 5-10 minutes.

Varidesk’s focus on the customer also extends to their return policy. Varidesk offers a 30-day, 100% risk free trial of their products. If you do not like a product, Varidesk will arrange and pay for the pick-up and issue you a full refund. If you tossed the original packaging, Varidesk will send you a new box, free of charge. This policy goes above and beyond anyone else in the industry. For years, it has been standard practice to charge restocking fees and shipping costs for returns. Varidesk has changed that way of thinking and we are starting to see more and more manufacturers trying to get closer to a policy like Varidesk’s.

Varidesk Warranty

Varidesk recently made some big changes to their warranty and it is now among the other industry leaders in the sit stand category. Purchases made prior to March 2, 2018 come with a standard one year warranty. This goes for all products. Purchases made after March 2, 2018 will have a new warranty structure depending on the product type. The QuickPro™ Series has a 10 year warranty. Standing desk converters, with the exception of the Compact Series, have a five year warranty. Storage cabinets and monitor arms also have a five year warranty. The Compact Series, Seating and remaining accessories have a one year warranty.

If your Varidesk product becomes defective or damaged, and it is not due to abuse or normal wear and tear, then you can contact Varidesk for a claim. They will either send you a replacement unit or have your product shipped back to them for repairs. If the claim is within the first year of owning the product, then Varidesk will cover the shipping charges. If it is outside the first year, then you will be responsible for shipping.

Varidesk Shipping Policy

Varidesk has warehouses all over the world. Orders will usually go out the same or next business day. Most orders ship via FedEx or UPS Ground. The products will then arrive within a few days after they ship. Almost all orders ship for free. Some remote locations will require that you pay the standard FedEx or UPS rate. An example would be shipments to Alaska.

Some larger items will ship via freight carrier. These items will typically arrive between 5-7 days after shipping. The carrier will notify you prior to delivery and will unload the items from the truck for you. You will be responsible for bringing the items inside. Similar to Ground shipments, freight deliveries to remote locations will incur additional charges.

Our experience has shown that Varidesk has some of the best packaging in the industry. All of the products we have ordered have been packaged very well, which greatly reduces the chances for something arriving damaged. If something does arrive damaged, Varidesk has shown a track record of taking care of their customers and sending out replacements.

Varidesk Products Overview

Below you will find brief summaries of the different Varidesk products that we’ve brought in and tested. We have them separated into the same categories that Varidesk currently uses on their website. If you’d like more information, click the “read our full review” link at the end of the summary.

ProPlus™ Series Summary

The ProPlus™ series is Varidesk’s most popular line. The ProPlus™ is a desk riser that sits on top of your desk. There are three sizes to choose from: 30”, 36” or 48”.  All three models feature a similar dual fixed platform design with a double z shaped base. There are two platforms that remain at the same distance from each other at all times. The upper platform is meant to hold your monitor(s). It is a rectangle with a large cut-out in the front of the platform. The lower platform is meant to hold your keyboard and mouse. The keyboard platform is large but also features a pronounced cut-out in the front.

The base of the unit is heavy and requires a large amount of desk space. The height adjustment system is controlled with two handles found underneath both sides of the monitor platform. Holding the handles down will allow you to move the platforms up or down. There are 11 positions to choose from. The movement is spring assisted and moves out toward you in an arcing pattern. The build quality and technology used is on the lower end of the spectrum. For more information, read our full review of the Varidesk ProPlus™ 36 here …

Note: The Pro Plus™ 36 Electric is listed under this product family but since the design is so much different, it is featured in its own section below.

ProPlus™ Pros

No assembly required
Strong warranty
Easy adjustment
30-day risk free trial

ProPlus™ Cons

Poor stability when standing
Not dual ergonomic
Limited adjustment range
Raises minimum keyboard height when sitting
No infinite position lock
Awkward footprint

Varidesk ProPlus™ Series Pricing and Specifications
  ProPlus™ 30 ProPlus™ 36 ProPlus™ 48
Price $375 $425 $525
Size (width x depth) 30” x 29.75” 36” x 29.75” 48” x 29.75”
Keyboard height range .75”-13.75” .75”-13.75” .75”-13.75”
Weight Capacity 35 lbs. 35 lbs. 45 lbs.
Monitor capacity Single monitor Dual 24” monitors Dual 27” monitors
Color Options Black Black, White, Butcher Block, Darkwood Black
Where to Buy Buy on Amazon Buy on Amazon Buy on Amazon

ProPlus™ Electric Summary

VARIDESK Pro Plus Electric Series Review Header

Notice: Varidesk recently discontinued the ProPlus™ 36 Electric and introduced a ProPlus™ 32 Electric.

The ProPlus™ 36 Electric was Varidesk’s first entrant into the electric standing desk market. It is a fixed dual platform product that sits on top of your desk. The product is large and requires a big chunk of real estate. It features a double x shaped base which allows the platforms to move straight up and down. The movement is controlled with a standard up/down button on the front of the converter. The ProPlus™ 36 Electric features a digital number display from 1-100. The numbers do not correspond to a standard form of measurement. They are a tool to help you remember where you like the desk. The ProPlus™ 36 Electric is powered by a basic DC motor and power adapter. It does not have features such as collision avoidance or overload protection, which are commonly found on electric standing desks.

The platforms on the ProPlus™ 36 Electric are much better for providing usable space than the standard ProPlus™ 36. The monitor platform is a large rectangle and it still has a cut-out in the front. The cut-out is much less pronounced, so it doesn’t take away from your task space as much. The keyboard platform does not have a cut-out or curve. There is plenty of space and it is not awkwardly shaped. For more information, read our full review of the Varidesk ProPlus™ 36 Electric here …

ProPlus™ Electric Pros

Push button height adjustment
Good stability
No assembly required
Strong warranty
Infinite position lock
30-day risk free trial
Large keyboard space
Large task space

ProPlus™ Electric Cons

Slow and inconsistent lifting speeds
Poor quality electronics and motor
Lack of ergonomics
Safety concerns
Raises minimum keyboard height when sitting

Varidesk ProPlus™ Electric Pricing and Specifications
  ProPlus™ 36 Electric
Price $495
Size (width x depth) 36” x 32.5”
Keyboard height range .75”-14.75”
Weight Capacity 40 lbs.
Monitor capacity Dual 24” monitors
Color Options Black

Varidesk Exec 40 Summary

VariDesk Exec 40 Standing Desk Converter Review

While the Pro and Pro Plus™ series have been popular, one of their biggest weaknesses is their low maximum height. To help correct this issue Varidesk came out with the Exec 40. The Exec 40 has the tallest height adjustment range of any Varidesk sit stand converter. It allows for people as tall as 6’7” to use the product in an ergonomic typing position. The unit is designed the same way as the Pro Plus™. It sits on top of your desk and features a large, double z shaped base with spring assisted movement. The adjustment is controlled with two handles found inside the monitor platform. Holding both handles will let you move the platforms up or down. You can choose between 9 different height options. The movement pattern forces the platforms out toward you as you raise them. At the maximum height, they are about 15” further from the desk than when they are in their lowest position. The platforms remain at a fixed height from one another so this unit is not dual ergonomic. The monitor platform is a large rectangle with the only cut-out made for the keyboard space. Because of this design, the keyboard space is more limited than other Varidesk models. For more information, read our full review of the Varidesk Exec 40 here …

Exec 40 Pros

Good for tall users
No assembly required
Strong warranty
Large task space
30-day risk free trial
Can hold most dual 27″ monitors

Exec 40 Cons      

No infinite lock position
Price is tough to justify
Not ergonomic
Limited adjustment range
Raises minimum keyboard height when seated
Poor stability at standing height

Varidesk Exec 40 Pricing and Specifications
  Exec 40
Price $595
Size (width x depth) 40” x 28”
Keyboard height range .75”-19.25”
Weight Capacity 35 lbs.
Monitor capacity Dual 24” monitors
Color Options Black
Where to Buy Buy on Amazon

Cube Corner® Series Summary

VARIDESK Cube Corner Review Header

The Cube Corner® is a series of standing desk converters that Varidesk designed specifically to fit in the corner of a cubicle. It is available in two different sizes and features a double z shaped base that is very similar to the Pro Plus™ series. The main difference is that the Cube Corner® series features gas lifts to assist with the lifting process instead of the spring system seen on the Pro Plus™ series. The Cube Corner® has two platforms that remain at a fixed distance from one another through all stages of adjustment. The top platform is meant to hold your monitors and also provide space for accessories and tasking. The bottom platform holds your keyboard and mouse. The one distinguishing feature that makes the Cube Corner® a good fit for cubicles is the tapered back edges of the monitor platform. Since the back edges are tapered, they do not run into the walls of your cube.

The Cube Corner® is a very large converter and requires a large footprint. For this reason, it is only really practical for use with a cubicle or corner desk. Another thing to consider is that the Cube Corner® will move out toward you when it is raised. You will need to account for this extra space and make sure your work area can allow for this. For more information, read our full review of the Varidesk Cube Corner® 36 here …

Cube Corner® Pros

30-day risk free trial
Strong warranty
No assembly required

Cube Corner® Cons

No infinite lock position
Awkward footprint
Not dual ergonomic
Limited adjustment range
Raises minimum keyboard height when seated
Poor stability at standing height

Cube Corner® Series Pricing and Specifications
  Cube Corner® 36
Price $525
Size (width x depth) 36” x 34”
Keyboard height range .75”-13.5”
Weight Capacity 35 lbs.
Monitor capacity Dual 24” monitors
Color Options Black
Where to Buy Buy on Amazon

Cube Plus® Series Summary

VariDesk Cube Plus 40 review header

The Cube Plus® is another standing desk converter series that was designed to be used with Cubicles. It comes in one size option and features a double z shaped base, like most of the Varidesk standing desk converters. There are 2 platforms that remain at a fixed distance from one another. The top platform offers a wide space that is suitable for dual 27″ monitors. The lower platform is meant for your keyboard and mouse. The keyboard tray and slide in and out and locks firmly in place.

The Cube Plus® was designed by Varidesk to be used on the return section of your cube or corner desk. The standard ProPlus™ model does not work in for this application because the back of the platform will run into the wall and won’t lower all the way. The Cube Plus® has a design that allows it to fit on a 24″ deep desk that is against a wall. For more information, read our full review of the Varidesk Cube Plus® 40 here …

Cube Plus® Pros

30-day risk free trial
Strong warranty
No assembly required
Good stability
Can hold dual 27″ monitors
Large keyboard tray

Cube Plus® Cons

Not dual ergonomic
No infinite lock position
Raises minimum keyboard height when seated
Limited adjustment range
Awkward task space

Cube Plus® Series Pricing and Specifications
  Cube Plus® 40
Price $475
Size (width x depth) 40” x 21.5”
Keyboard height range .75”-13.75”
Weight Capacity 35 lbs.
Monitor capacity Dual 27” monitors
Color Options Black
Where to Buy Buy on Amazon

Compact Series Summary

VARIDESK Laptop 30 Standing Desk Converter Review

Not everyone is looking for an imposing standing desk converter with multiple large platforms. For people looking for a smaller solution for their laptop or notebook, Varidesk has created the Compact Series. The only model currently available in the Compact Series is the Laptop 30™, which was previously called the Varidesk SOHO. Varidesk recently discontinued the other compact standing desk converter from this series, the Laptop 22™.  The Laptop 30™ sits on top of your desk and offers a single platform design with sloping front to back edges. The base is a modified single x shaped base with 11 different height options to choose from. The bottoms of the feet remain in place while the top section of base allows the platform height to change. The Laptop 30™ moves straight up and down. Changing the height is done by holding two handles found under each side of the platform. The movement is assisted by springs and is easy to do in both directions.

The Laptop 30™ is the only Varidesk converter that is portable. The product weighs 15 pounds and can collapse down to be as thin as 1.25”. This makes the Laptop 30™ very easy to move on and off you desk so that you can use the same space for multiple purposes. The converter is small enough to fit in a closet, under your desk or just off to the side of your workstation. It is also easy to carry from location to location. I had no problem fitting this in my car to use it at home during the evening. For more information, read our full review of the Varidesk Laptop 30™ here …

Laptop 30™ Pros

No assembly required
30-day risk free trial
Easy to place in storage
Strong warranty
Good mobility

Laptop 30™ Cons

Not ergonomic
Limited height options
No infinite position lock
Awkward sitting position
Short warranty

Compact Series Pricing and Specifications
  Laptop 30™
Price $195
Size (width x depth) 29” x 15”
Keyboard height range 1.25”-15”
Weight Capacity 15 lbs.
Monitor capacity Laptop
Color Options Black
Where to Buy Buy on Amazon

PRODESK® 60 Electric Summary

VARIDESK ProDesk 60 Electric Review

**Updated** The Varidesk PRODESK® 60 has been discontinued.

The PRODESK® 60 Electric is Varidesk’s first full electric desk. Currently, the unit is only available in a 30”D x 60”W size option with five different top colors to choose from. It comes with a five year warranty and is the easiest full standing desk we have assembled to date. It features a traditional dual stage column with dual motors and a cross support. The cross support helps to make the PRODESK® 60 Electric one of the most stable full electric desks we have tested. The unit comes standard with a programmable button that includes a bright digital display. It has a decent lifting speed and weight capacity. The dual stage columns provide a generous height adjustment range of 25.5”-50.5”, which will accommodate most of the population. The PRODESK® 60 Electric also comes with some handy accessories, like a wire management tray and hanging clips.

While the PRODESK® 60 Electric is one of the highest quality Chinese made desks we have tested, it does still have an exposed worm drive and gear which can cause problems with exposure to dirt and debris, in turn,interfering with the functionality. We were also surprised to see that some of the glides were 3D printed since 3D printed glides are much lower quality. These are typically seen in prototypes but not final products. For more information, read our full review of the Varidesk PRODESK® 60 Electric here …

PRODESK® 60 Electric Pros    

Quick assembly process
Strong five-year warranty
Good stability below 45 inches
Large height adjustment range
Programmable switch included
Easy return policy

PRODESK® 60 Electric Cons

Poor connection of cross support and frame to columns
Exposed worm drive and gear on motor
3D printed upper glides
High price point for mid-range category

ProDesk 60 Electric Series Pricing and Specifications
  PRODESK® 60 Electric
Price $795
Size (width x depth) 60” x 30”
Height range 25.5”-50.5”
Weight Capacity 250 lbs.
Noise Level 55-56 dB
Travel Speed 1.28” per second

VARIchair® Summary

The Varidesk VARIchair Review

The VARIchair® is the first seating product from Varidesk. It is an active standing chair that is meant to keep you moving while you work. The chair arrives fully assembled and comes with a one year warranty on the entirety of the chair. It features a simplistic design with no backrest or armrests. The base is rectangle in shape and is made of plastic with a heavy piece of metal to anchor the chair in place when sitting. There is a pivot system built into the base that gives the cylinder the ability to tilt in all directions. It only has a single adjustment for the height of the seat. The seat height adjustment is controlled with a handle under the seat and is powered by a gas cylinder. Holding the handle will allow the seat to move up or down and releasing it will lock the seat height in position.

The seat has thick, hard padding with a coarse vinyl upholstery. It is both durable and easy to clean but it is not going to be comfortable for more than an hour or so at a time. The back of the seat has a built-in handle that makes it really easy to carry the chair around your office. The VARIchair® is currently available in two models. The VARIchair® Pro offers a larger seat, base and an increased weight capacity. It also has a seat pan made from plywood, which is a step up in quality over the plastic seen on the standard VARIchair®. For more information, read our full review of the Varidesk VARIchair® here …

VARIchair® Pros

Ships fully assembled
Good mobility
Increases movement while working
30-day money back guarantee

VARIchair® Cons

Uncomfortable seat
Lower end build quality
Short warranty
Not suited for prolonged hours
There is an adjustment period

VARIchair® Pricing and Specifications
  VARIchair® VARIchair® Pro
Price $295 n/a
Seat dimensions 13”W x 11”D 17.5”W x 14”D
Seat pan material Black Plastic Espresso Plywood
Base dimensions 15.75” x 15.75” 17”W x 15.75”D
Height range 23”-32.75” 23”-32.75”
Weight Capacity 220 lbs. 250 lbs.
Chair weight 26 lbs. 32 lbs.
Where to Buy Buy on Amazon n/a

The MAT Summary

VARIDESK Anti-Fatigue Comfort Floor Mat

The Mat from Varidesk is currently available in two different sizes: the MAT 34™ and the MAT 36™. Both products are rectangular shaped with a slight beveled edge. The beveled edge makes them safer because they are less of a tripping hazard compared to active mats with raised edges. They are made from high quality polyurethane but lack an integral skin which is something we found on better quality products. Without an integral skin or vinyl top layer, these mats will be more susceptible to damage. The lack of the extra layer, along with the thin design, make the standing experience quite firm. The Mat is best suited for price conscious buyers that prefer a firmer standing experience. For more information on The Mat, read our list of the best flat standing mats here …

The MAT Pros

Made from high quality polyurethane
One of most well-known brands in category

The MAT Cons

Short warranty period
Thinnest mat we tested
Tends to be hard with shoes and bare feet
No integral skin or vinyl covering for added durability

The MAT Pricing and Specifications
  The MAT 34™ The MAT 36™
Price $60 $70
Dimensions 34″W x 20”D x .625”H 36”W x 24”D x .625”H
Weight 4 lbs. 4 lbs.
Where to Buy Buy on Amazon Buy on Amazon

The ActiveMat™ Summary


The ActiveMat™ is designed for people who would like to be able to be a bit more active while standing. It is rectangle shaped and has large side and front walls. The walls are there to let you place your feet in different places to move, rock or lean in different ways. The walls are firm and do not collapse easily so they hold your position nicely. There is not a back wall or any raised areas in the middle of the mat. Similar to The Mat, the ActiveMat™ is a product that features high quality polyurethane but lacks a vinyl layer or integral skin. The lack of this top layer makes the ActiveMat™ less durable than many of its peers. It is also going to be firm so this is another product that you will want to avoid if you prefer a softer standing experience. For more information, read our list of the best non-flat standing mats here …

ActiveMat™ Pros

Tall front and side elevation changes
High-quality polyurethane construction
Firm topo features that don’t collapse when you stand on them

ActiveMat™ Cons

Short one-year warranty period
Doesn’t offer back standing options
No integral ski or vinyl covering for added durability
Most firm non-flat mat that we have tested
Side to side can be hard to reach for shorter users

ActiveMat™ Pricing and Specifications
Price $115
Dimensions 35.5″W x 20.75″D x 3.25″ H
Weight 9 lbs.
Where to Buy Buy on Amazon

Varidesk came onto the scene like a freight train and they have been gaining momentum ever since. Their focus on advertising and promoting their brand and the idea behind being active while you work has helped to transform our industry and bring a great amount of awareness to this new movement. Along with bringing a lot of attention to our industry, Varidesk has forced its competitors to step their game up in an effort to offer the same type of customer buying experience that Varidesk does. Since Varidesk started releasing products, other companies have decided to come out with their own versions of products that arrive fully assembled. We have seen a shift in manufacturers removing restocking fees and offering better return policies. Shipping times are getting faster and product diversity is growing. While not all of this can be attributed solely to Varidesk, they are certainly the main contributor.

While I like a lot of things that Varidesk does as a company, I am not always the biggest fan of their products. If you read through our detailed reviews on the Varidesk products we have tested, you will find that we often address quite a few downsides with all of their products. Like any products we review, the Varidesk product line is not perfect. The conclusion that we come to with most Varidesk products is that you are getting a decent product but you are going to be paying more than you would for a comparable competing model. At the end of the day, you can find better product value in Varidesk alternatives but as I discussed earlier, there is intrinsic value in buying from a company like Varidesk. It is up to you to decide which is more important to you when making your buying decision.

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