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Revopoint POP 3D Scanner with Turntable 0.3mm Accuracy 8 Fps Scan Speed Desktop and Handheld Fixed/Auto Scan Mode for Face and Body Scanning Modes for Color 3D Printing


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Product Description

Revopoint 3D scannerRevopoint 3D scanner


This is a highly sophisticated yet extremely compact imaging device that does what industrial-level 3D scanners do – but in a far affordable way. Compared to industrial-grade scanners, our POP 3D scanner boasts a 0.3mm capturing accuracy and a binocular structured light, safe for any environment or object. With affordability as our main factor, you’ll receive much more than what any professional imaging device can give you while saving even more!

With strong points such as those, what more can you expect from our 3D scanner? With a weight lighter than a chocolate bar(200g), this POP 3D scanner is no larger than a smartphone. The ability to carry to any venue, outdoor or indoor, scanning everything becomes a reality.

The perfect sidekick for 3d scannerThe perfect sidekick for 3d scanner

The POP 3D scanner is accurate compared to the usual scanners you find on the market, and when matched to those on the highest spectrum, we don’t fall far behind. Sharper and more precise images can be attained even when you scan objects with irregular textures.

To designers and creatives alike, accuracy is a godsend. It helps reduce the amount of work needed to render and edit, also gives you a better overall look immediately, making changes if required. Beside, the POP 3D scanner can differentiate between the general structure of hair and capture them in 3D, allowing a clearer 3D scan of it. With that, 3D images of your family members can be rendered and saved to preserve the happiest moments with them.

no limitation to create & designno limitation to create & design

Welcome to the dream of every animation artist or game designer. You may use the 3D data attained to design your animation models flexibly. Changing heads, facial expressions, posture, and all other things imagined are possible with our technology.

The customization is limitless. Objects from sunglasses to shoes can all be scanned efficiently into the software. The scanned objects can then be rendered into most major software and used as props. The option of freely adding these customed pieces to your 3D model makes designing enjoyable and more manageable

Face and body scanFace and body scan

Scan Face & Human Body

The Revopoint POP 3D Scanner is the optimal tool for 3D imaging and modeling. The POP 3D scanner can scan the human body efficiently and the intricate features of someone’s face. By establishing accurate cloud points with our technology, a human’s facial features can be implemented almost identically in a digital image.

art worksart works

Scan Artworks with Color

The POP 3D scanner equipped with binocular + structured light can deliver high-quality scans with texture and match color profiles. Our infrared scanner can pick up high-profile textures on the object, perfect for artworks by scanning with ultra-precision. Conveniently select the color scanning mode to add vibrancy to your image. Generate vivid and robust color profiles for whatever you need.

Scan Industrial PartsScan Industrial Parts

Scan Industrial Parts

This structured light 3D scanner is ideal for making a quick, textured, and accurate 3D model of industrial parts. It scans fast and captures the precise detailing you need to work.

Our POP 3D Scanner can help you reverse engineer most industrial parts to prevent catastrophic failures. Such as a single gear in a whole system. If cracked or broken, you need to find a replacement immediately. Start by scanning the broken piece and merge them. Create a flawless new gear to replace the old. This helps reduce the amount of downtime taken when something needs replacement.

If one of your parts is damaged, scan and get it fixed by 3D imaging and printing. The files scanned are compatible with most software used in today’s engineering industries.

Scan anythingScan anything

Scan anything

The POP 3D Scanner comes equipped with a tripod/handheld base that allows you to maneuver your shots like a professional. This improves stability and reduces any errors when scanning outdoors. Connect it to a smartphone with a cable outdoors and start scanning.

To help improve the scanning capabilities, our scanner has a marker alignment mode. This mode allows scanning a large or feature-less object through the selected marker points. Marker points are an additional item that can be found in our store, so if you’re serious about 3D, you’ll demand it in your arsenal.

Face and body scanFace and body scan

art worksart works

Scan Industrial PartsScan Industrial Parts

Scan anythingScan anything



easy to use

easy to use

wifi connect and usb 3.0 cable available

wifi connect and usb 3.0 cable available

Invisible Light

The POP 3D Scanner is designed with minimum to no harmful light for safety. Instead of using the available lasers technology, we opted for a technology called infrared scanning. The rays emitted from this technology are very safe and also comfortable to look directly at. You can scan someone’s face and even have them look directly into the scanner for optimum results with no harm. Now, without alerting your pets, you can secretly take a 3D image of them.

Easy to use

Conventional scanners in the market use complex software with an unimaginable algorithm to edit, which can be widely intimidating for many. Revopoint 3D differs. We use easy-to-learn software that sets consistent reminders of your scanning progress to keep you updated. All relevant details and progress are projected on the interface in real-time.The interface makes it user-friendly enough for even beginners to manage.

One Cable Connection & WIFI Data Transmission

The POP 3D scanner eliminates the need for having multiple cables. You only need one to operate. With the cable being bi-directional, all the information recorded from the scanner transfers to your laptop or smartphone while being supplied with ample power to operate.

Furthermore, we use only the fastest cable technology, the USB 3.0 to ensure blazing speed in transfers, which helps you review your design in real-time. Beside, The POP 3D scanner can send data out to your receiving device through WiFi. This eliminates the bulk of a scanner and promotes a better creative flow by letting you scan around with different angles effortlessly.




Product Model

POP 3D scanner

Single capture accuracy

Up to 0.3mm

Single capture range

210mm x 130mm

Working distance


Minimum scan volume


Scan speed

Up to 8 fps

Light source

1 class infrared Laser(eye-safe)


Feature alignment, marker point alignment

Output format


Texture scan


Scanner weight



6.06×1.5×1 (Inch )

Printable data output

Able to export 3D model directly to 3D printing


which might vary subject to actual operating environment.

PC/Phone configurations

Windows: win8/win10 Memory:≥4G iMac type: Only for Mac OS 10.15 and above Android: ≥Android 6.0 Memory:≥4G iPhone 6s and all models after; iPad Pro& iPad & iPad Air: the 3rd generation and above; System Version: ≥ iOS 11.

Package Dimensions‏:‎14.41 x 11.18 x 6.54 inches; 4.45 Pounds
Item model number‏:‎POP-A3
Date First Available‏:‎April 12, 2021

【Accuracy Up to 0.3mm】Revopoint POP 3D Scanner, the highest single-frame Accuracy can reach 0.3mm. This device supports both high-precision and texture scanning modes, which allows you to directly generate vivid 3D models for color 3D printing.
【Multi scanning modes】Equipped with scan software. POP Scanner allows you free scanning, fixed scanning, and human scanning, indoor or outdoor scanning. If you are not skillful enough yet, you can also enjoy 3D scanning by just watching it done automatically, with the help of a turntable. When you want to scan a human face or body, you can set to the human mode and gain a natural 3D look or body model.
【Eye-safe infrared Light】the pop 3d scanner can scan faces, the human body, and animals with a safe and invisible light source. Support marker mode to scan large or featureless objects. Able to scan marked industrial parts, teeth; Suitable for the medical industry to perform body-related scan modeling, such as dentistry.
【Work with PC/PHONE/PAD】It is an external power consumption device, which can be powered by your laptop, tablet, or smartphone for scanning. We designed a Revopoint POP 3D Scanner with a minimalist approach with only one USB cable that works both as a power supply and a data transmission.
【Directly export stl. ply. or obj.】Revopoint POP 3D Scanner is no bigger than a smartphone, with a weight of 200g, you can carry to any outdoor monument spot and most of the indoor museum. Simply scan, Export your creation, and to be used with any 3D printer.

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Revopoint POP 3D Scanner with Turntable 0.3mm Accuracy 8 Fps Scan Speed Desktop and Handheld Fixed/Auto Scan Mode for Face and Body Scanning Modes for Color 3D Printing


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